Import Wizard R2011b

This is your Matlab environment.

Go to file.

Import Data.

Select your .csv file from your current directory.

Open it.

Matlab will automatically select your numerical data (all yahoo financial data except for dates).

Rename, if you want, the untitled with a preferred name.

For example by calling it “data”.

Click on Import.

Matrix Data is now on your workspace

Select all the spreadsheet as in excel by clicking on the blank cell at the left of the cell “A” and above cell “1”.

Now click on the field “Import as:” near the field “Range:”

Change the “Range:” field. You have to select all the dates vector, so write the new range from A2 to the end (hint: to know the end add 1 to the number of rows of variable data in this case A2:A6819).

Confirm it.

Change the name of “data” to “dates” (IMPORTANT!: otherwise you will overwrite it because it is already present in your workspace the variable previously imported called data).

Click on Import.

Here you are in the workspace your data and your dates. Now you can convert the dates in numerical format with datenum command and so on.

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